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I'm Kristie. You can find me living and loving in Columbus, Ohio. It’s been eight years since I first moved from the East Coast to the good ol’ Midwest, and I am so unbelievably blessed by my life here. You know that feeling when you never thought you’d end up somewhere but then could never imagine being anywhere else? This is that feeling. To begin, I initially moved here to join a professional ballet company. My first love. My first dream job. It was through dance that I found my sense of creativity. Creativity moves me. It motivates me. It inspires me... and unbeknownst to me, what was in store for me in Columbus was beyond what I could have mustered up in daydreams about my future self and life. Fast forward to now, I’m still a professional ballet dancer, but along the way, I’ve also become a designer, small business owner (hello, second dream job), dog mom, world traveler, and wife.

You may be wondering how I ended up designing. I am entirely self-taught, and my skills were acquired out of my mother’s need of a designer for her hair salon and hair care product companies. The OG of small business hustle. She needed a new website? She needed print advertisements? She needed product labels? She needed Photoshopped images? She needed logos designed? You name it. I figured it out. It was her support, patience, and encouragement that allowed me to thrive. 

A few years later, I branched out on my own and am so proud to share that I’ve assisted over 40 small businesses, from photographers, to wedding planners, to attorneys, to nutritionists, to life coaches, to artists, to bloggers, to florists, to personal trainers, create brands and websites that are truly representative, and more importantly, foster conversations that lead to conversions.


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