I'm Kristie

I live in Columbus, Ohio - and I love it. Lots of good vibes + good food. What more could a girl ask for? I moved here four years ago to work as a dancer with BalletMet, and I feel so lucky to live a life surrounded by creativity.

My mother is a small business owner, and has been since as early as I can remember. And so, I have witnessed firsthand the energy that she tirelessly poured into it to transform it into the success it is today.

Hiring a designer in our hometown came at a premium, and there were countless occasions where she either felt taken advantage of, or where the budget wasn't flexible enough to keep one on for too long.

Here's where I came in -

I was a computer-obsessed teenager in the early 2000s, and my mom encouraged me to figure out how to use Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, and CSS to help her with little tasks around her business, and through the years I was excited by the new skills I acquired and redesigned her websites...six times. I also designed labels for her product line, various brochures, digital and print advertisements, gift cards, business cards, you name it...


My skills in web + graphic design began as a way to assist with her business. and now I aspire to provide user-friendly, seamless websites for other passionate, small business owners. Starting your own company is a difficult and costly process,

your website doesn’t have to be.

I love design - in my free time, you'll find me seeking out design inspiration... with my morning coffee or in the evenings before I fall asleep. #stayinspired






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