Why I Design on Squarespace


If you browse the Internet for reasons to use Squarespace, you'll come across an abundance of articles and blog posts sharing the pros and cons, as well as articles comparing Wordpress to Squarespace. Here, I want to share why I design on Squarespace, and most importantly, why Squarespace is the right platform for my clients.

I've had the pleasure of working with over 40 small businesses, many of who hustle hard and don't have the time to wrestle with the back end of a website and most of whom aren't tech savvy, which is exactly where I come in. Bonus Points? They'll work with me once and won't have to worry about rehiring me again. By the time we're through, they know how to update and maintain their site because it 👏 is 👏 that 👏 user-friendly 👏    This brings me to my first reason:


User-Friendly Interface

Once we've finalized the design, I meet with my clients virtually to share my screen and we walk through their website together. Here, I show them the user-friendly interface of Squarespace with their drag and drop editing features and form blocks. With Squarespace, you do all of your editing "live" and don't have to worry about toggling back and forth to an admin panel and previewing your work before publishing. Upon showing my clients this feature, the idea of maintaining their own site is significantly less daunting, and even exciting!


Mobile-Friendly Design

This brings me to reason number two: Mobile-Friendly design! According to BGR, "Mobile internet usage surpasses desktop usage for the first time in history." Wow, right?! Therefore, mobile-friendly designs are more important than ever. Squarespace has built in responsive design, which means that your website will transform depending on what device it is being viewed on. This ensures that your site is being viewed at it's most optimal format and is easy to navigate whether it's being viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. 


Live Chat Support

And next-level customer service. I've used their live chat feature a handful of times, and they're unparalleled. It's available Monday through Friday from 4am - 8pm EST. Their customer service and tech support folks are incredibly knowledgeable and efficient. I can not sing their praises enough. Nowadays I feel like I'm usually let down by customer service (shoutout to calling into the nightmares that are Time Warner or AT&T Uverse), and Squarespace seriously knocks it out of the park. (No, this is not a paid promotion 😂)


Old Blog Post Imports

Are you moving over from Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc? Well, importing your blog is a breeze. Some of my clients have years and years of great blog posts and are apprehensive about making the change from their current host to Squarespace. No worries here, I'm able to login to your site, download an .xml file of ALL of your posts, and have them displayed beautifully on your new site, with your URL slugs and all so we don't lose any of your SEO ranking. 


Everything in one place

This is especially enticing if you're starting from scratch. Now instead of purchasing a domain from one vendor, to your email hosting from another vendor, to your website hosting from a third vendor, you can have it all in one place. Squarspace offers email hosting through GSuite so your email is attached to your custom domain. You can read more about this here


The mobile Apps

Squarespace offers two great apps for iPhone. My personal favorite being their Analytics app. If you're looking to level-up you're marketing strategy, it's a great app to track your website traffic, popular pages, and top referrers. This feature is also available in your admin panel, but if you like to check these sorts of things on-the-go like I do, this app is for you. 

The second is the Blog app. As you may have noticied, blogging doesn't come easy for me and I'll find myself writing a draft for a while. Here you can save your drafts and edit them while you're waiting at the dentist's office, picking up your kids from school, etc. If you want to blog more, and maximize wait time, this is a great additional feature that Squarespace has to offer. * See some of the other mobile apps Squarespace has to offer here.


Safe & secure

This is a major determining factor for someone like me whose primary business is online. Having my website down for a couple of hours is potential loss of business, so I can't afford to have my business offline. Wordpress is an open source platform which means you have to manually maintain your security. Wordpress websites also have a lot of issues with website hacking, because Wordpress is the largest target for hacking being . Squarespace has SSL security built in, while on Wordpress you often have to pay a monthly fee for a security plug-in through a third party. 



Squarespace gives you the flexibility to pay how you're comfortable. Whether you want to snag that annual discount or pay month-to-month, with plans starting at $12/month, website hosting has never been so affordable considering all of the features above that you're gaining!


So there you have it, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!