Client Participation


We're about to embark on an exciting collaboration!

Here you'll find information about how you'll participate in the design process. That way, we'll efficiently create the best brand +/or website possible, with my expertise aligning with the vision for your product or service. 



Getting To Know You  +  Let's Get Inspired

First, you'll fill out my client questionnaire so I can get to know you and your brand. This is just scratching the surface - what do you want your brand or website to feel like? Be as thorough as possible, to ensure that we're both on the same page.



Do you enjoy using Pinterest? Because I do, and I'd love to pin together! Start a board on Pinterest and invite my account to pin with you. Caption each pin with what you like (or dislike) about the image to ensure that I'm seeing what you're seeing in each pin.


Content is Key

(Though this isn't necessarily step two, it's good to have this in the forefront of your mind to ensure expediency.) You should also begin compiling all the content for your website (photographs & text). As much as I'd love to be apart of this step, I am not responsible for supplying content. I cannot begin to design your website without receipt of your content. Though no reason to stress, you have some time before we reach that step! 


Need stock photographs? Check out UNSPLASH | PICJUMBO | DEATHTOSTOCK


 How To Format Your Content

Organize Your High Resolution Photos in Folders

If you are choosing to specify which photos to use on specific pages, organize them by folder. Otherwise, I'm happy to choose which photos look best where. 

Copy via a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages Document

Break down your pages with bold titles. Follow each title with the corresponding copy. If you want specific photos used per page, or in a certain order, please specify within the document.

Make sure that your photos are labeled correctly as well. For example, [AboutMe1.jpg goes here] and within the photo folder, the photo is labeled as AboutMe1.jpg

Dropbox, Zip File, or Google Drive

Make sure that all of your content makes it to me in one email/folder in it's ready-to-go edition.

It's important that your copy is in it's final draft - as I'll design your website around it in a way that highlights it. Editing later is okay, but it can effect the integrity of the design if it's edited too much or completely overhauled.

If you have any questions about content formatting, follow up with me!



Let's Visualize

I'll create an inspiration board based on your client questionnaire and Pinterest board. Please note that this is for inspiration only. Don't focus entirely on the content of the photos, focus on the overall feeling the inspiration board gives you.

Does it feel like your brand?

The colors? The textures? The vibe?

Moving forward, we'll design according to the overall feel of this board.


THE Logo

I'll create three logo designs (if you're a branding client), inspired from the colors and textures from our inspiration board, as well as from the inspiration and requests you sent in your client homework. You'll select your favorite, and if you have any revision requests, we'll tweak it until it's juuuust right. This step includes three revisions. Any revisions beyond the third revision will be billed at my hourly rate - though feel secure in knowing that I have yet to bill a client for additional revisions at this step! 


Tying It Together

We'll create a brand board by coordinating alternate marks, typography, patterns, and textures with your selected logo. And voila - your branding is complete! The brand board showcases all the aspects of your brand in a single place, so we can ensure all of the parts compliment each other perfectly. If you have font, pattern, or texture requests - they must be received prior to this step. This step includes two revisions.



I'll create corresponding paper collateral (if applicable) which includes a (1) business card, letterhead, and envelope design. Additionally, social media graphics are included in this step (profile & cover photos). 

If you have any specifications or design requests - they must be received prior to this step. This step includes three revisions. Please send all revision requests in one e-mail (i.e. change font on business card, adjust width of profile photo... etc.)


The Best For Last

Here comes the fun part! Hopefully by this step, I've already received and e-mail with your content. If not, it may cause delays in the receipt of your final project due to my design queue. I've blocked out my schedule for your project, and timely receipt of your client homework is crucial to staying on our timeline. 

If you have any specifications or requests concerning website design, they must be received in a detailed e-mail prior to this step! This step includes three revisions.


As I mentioned, this process is a collaboration - it is your responsibility as a client to be sure to share any and all inspiration, specifications, and characteristics you would like included in full detail via e-mail. (Photos are best!)

I love hearing from you, so anything that pops up along the way, feel free to get in touch. Anything unspecified will be subject to my expertise and design aesthetic. Additional revisions beyond what has been specified in this document will be billed at my hourly rate. At this time, please also familiarize yourself with my policies.


I am so excited to create with you.

Thanks for entrusting me to assist you in bringing your vision to life.