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Hey there!

It’s so great to connect with you.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me, and I hope that we have the chance to get to know each other a little better from here! I realize that you may have a lot of questions about me, my services, what my design process looks like, how we can best collaborate while living in different cities, etc.

Here, I’d like to answer any and every question I’ve received from previous clients, as well as share some resources, to best allow you to make an informed decision on your investment because happy clients are my absolute priority. But before I begin, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Kristie, and I’m living and loving in Columbus, Ohio with my boyfriend and our dog. By day, I’m a professional ballet dancer with BalletMet, where we perform a variety of works from internationally-renowned choreographers to classical story ballets each season. I am so fortunate to be working as a professional ballet dancer, but the career is brief and may often be cut short by unforeseen circumstances.

My mother is a small business owner who often had trouble finding suitable graphic and web designers in our town, and she prompted me to research and learn how to assist her in her needs. Years later, I began to offer my services to other small businesses and this brought me to where I am today with Kristie Latham Design, working with small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the country (and sometimes the world), which is something I’m grateful for every day.


You've already seen my work,

but I just want to share a few of my favorite launches and what made them so special.



Why do I prioritize full service clients?

The clients listed above hired me to design their branding as well as their websites. While I enjoy working with my clients solely on branding and web design, I find that we are able to create something so much more impactful when we begin the entire process together. Brainstorming and editing from start to finish to craft the most carefully-curated package possible to the very last detail. 



Let me tell you about my favorite
parts of the design process.

It’s hard to choose a favorite part of the design process because each part is so unique. However, if I had to narrow it down, I’d say I love creating and sharing the inspiration board with my clients. Each client carefully responds to my client questionnaire by sharing inspiration, describing how they want their brand to “feel”, and communicating their aesthetic. Taking all of this, and having something palpable to show them is so rewarding because it fuels our creative process. Hearing them freak out and share their uncontainable excitement is also such a gratifying part of my job. 

My second favorite part of the design process is designing the “Home” page of a client’s website. We live in a digital age, so I’d argue that a website is a business’s most important element. Here, I like to strategize the best design to entice a client’s ideal visitor. What’s the first thing they want to see upon visiting your website? How do we encourage them to look around? Here, we also see all of your design elements at play which I loooove.



So what does my design process look like?

I’d like to begin summarizing the design process for my all-inclusive services. After we’ve completed the business side of things (quotes, invoices, and contracts), I’ll ask you to fill out my client questionnaire. Here, I get to know you, your business, and all of your branding hopes and dreams. I carefully curate inspirational images to encapsulate the "feeling" your brand should exude, and we also select a color palette that we'll use moving forward. These are all tied together on an inspiration board where we ensure that we're on the same page, moving forward with the same vision in mind. We revise until it's just right, and then we move on to the fun part: THE logo.

Now that we have the brand vibe and color palette, I brainstorm around the inspirational examples, brand goals, and design requests you sent me in your questionnaire, and send you three logo options to choose from. We revise together, if needed, select a logo, and move on to the next step.

Next up, brand styling. Here's where I take your logo selection, and design alternate marks so you have a variety of logos to choose from. Let's say your main selection is a horizontal logo, then I'll create a square or vertical iteration for those times when your main logo just doesn't fit. I'll also design a submark for when you need juuuust a touch of your branding. Submarks are often used as favicons, social media profile photos, etc. I'll also select three fonts, and a coordinating pattern/texture or two to complete the branding. Patterns/textures are often used on stationary, social media graphics, and websites.

Then we’ll design stationary. I'll take all of the elements from your brand board, and design your stationary. Highlighting key information, and creating a cohesive suite of paper designs to show off your beautiful, new brand! I'll also create a profile photo for your business to use on all of it's social media platforms. I'll also design a Facebook Cover Photo, and a reveal graphic for you to share away!

Last but not least, we tie in the final piece. I'll design according to your inspiration in your questionnaire, highlighting key information and content. All while plugging in elements of your brand board to ensure cohesive design from your print items to web items.


Interested in how you'll participate along the way? Check out my Client PARTICIPATION page.


* WHAT MY SERVICES DON’T INCLUDE ( Things I don't provide, but am happy to provide guidance ) :

  • A Squarespace subscription: View their pricing here
  • Domain Name Hosting (However, I will connect your Squarespace to your domain for you!)
  • E-mail Set Up/Hosting
  • Stock Photography
  • Copy
  • Font/Image/Illustration/Graphic Licensing

( I’ll ask for your approval before purchasing various licenses and will bill these items in your final invoice. )

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Questions? Or just want to chat?

Please don’t hesitate to email me at info@kristielatham.com with any questions you may have about my design process or services. If you prefer a consultation over the phone, I’d be happy to schedule a chat with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before making a decision on your investment.

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